Warehouse, Industrial, & Commercial Inventories

Your inventory is one of your largest assets and is an important part of your financial and operational structure. Knowing what you have, where it is and how many you have are essential to your operation and meeting customer demands. We will travel nationwide to perform your physical inventory.

We perform inventories using various methods:

  • Using data collection devices and comprehensive software that contain extensive functionality for collecting and processing financial, part number (SKU) and asset inventory data;
  • Barcode Scanners that have the capability to scan a wide variety of barcode symbology, including Code 39, 128, UPC and I2 of 5
  • Manual data collection using customized count sheets or customer provided count sheets
  • Provide additional personnel, consulting and supervision to assist internal physical inventory counts and audits

With each SKU and itemized inventory, we can provide the customer with electronic data files or reports containing:

  • An itemized listing of the item, quantity and location, as well as price, condition, etc. as requested by the customer
  • An itemized listing of items that were not counted, but listed on the customer’s database
  • An itemized listing of items that were counted but not listed on the customer’s database
  • An itemized listing of variances of the actual count and the customer’s database
  • Summarized listings per item, location, condition, category, or department
  • Summarized financial listings based on cost or retail
  • A reconciliation between the customer’s databases and GL with the actual physical inventory
  • Audit reports during the inventory

In most cases, our reports are available on-site to the customer at the completion of the inventory.

For those customers requiring itemized inventory information in other than a hardcopy, we provide data on CD in most common formats (ASCII, EXCEL, ACCESS, CSV, etc.) flashdrives and via email. We have the technical expertise to work with your programmers and software companies to assure correct file format and compatibility.

Advantages for Using All-Star Inventory Services

  • Extensive Experience and Knowledge of Warehouse, Industrial and Commercial Industries
  • Extensive Experience with Internal and External Audits
  • Independent Third Party Source with Unbiased Results
  • Build Data Requirements based on Your Industrial and Unique Needs
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Faster Results for Financial and Inventory Departments
  • Saves You Time and Money
  • Minimize Operational Impact
  • No Need for Closure
  • No Overtime
  • No Manpower Increases
  • Our Inventory Auditors are
    • Professional
    • Efficient
    • Accurate
    • Responsible

Examples of Industries Inventoried:

  • Aviation
  • Motor Cycle
  • Automotive and Truck
  • Steel
  • Marine
  • Clothing Brokers
  • Electronic
  • Automation
  • Appliance
  • Food Distribution Centers

All-Star Inventory Services is a professional, knowledgeable, and service-oriented business that realizes the importance of accuracy, courtesy and integrity.

All-Star Inventory Services management has extensive experience in inventory data collection, inventory control, automation, management, barcoding, facility design, customer service, and internal/external auditing.