Other Services

Inventory Reconciliation

All-Star Inventory Services, Inc. has extensive experience in inventory reconciliation. We will perform your physical inventory and compare the results with your current inventory database. The variances found can be verified and assistance can be given to resolve actual variances.

Warehouse Design

All-Star Inventory Services has extensive warehouse experience and can assist in developing an efficient and logical warehouse layout specific to the unique requirements of each customer and industry.

Data Entry

All-Star Inventory Services can provide data entry personnel to enter backlog and off-site data entry. We are experienced in Microsoft Office programs and legacy system.

Inventory Consulting

All-Star Inventory Services has extensive inventory, reconciliation and auditing experience. We can review your inventory procedures, operational statistics, and work flow to determine areas of strengths and weaknesses. We can develop recommendations to improve areas of concern. Examples of these controls are accountability in purchasing, stockroom, work order tracking, sales tracking, and receiving.

We can also review your usage and purchases to determine minimum and maximum (ROP) quantities to increase your inventory control efficiency.


All-Star Inventory Services can implement barcoding and automation for your inventory and facility. We can evaluate your requirements and recommend the best barcode format and equipment for you.

Internal / External Auditing

All-Star Inventory Services has extensive experience in working with Internal and External Auditors. We can offer recommendations on improving areas of concern.

Development of Inventory Systems

All-Star Inventory Services is constantly researching available inventory software products, including POS, Warehouse, Asset, and customized software for specific requirements. We will work with you to ensure your requirements are met. We can assist in data entry, data migration, data verification, procedure development, documentation development and training.

Management Consulting

All-Star Inventory Services has extensive experience in inventory management. We can review your current process and recommend additional controls, management tools, and procedures that will assist in better inventory management.

Mystery Shopping

All-Star Inventory Services can provide various personnel to evaluate the service, products, and integrity of your business. Just call us with your requirements and necessary reporting format.